“Mohbad just passed and everybody has moved on” — Omahlay cries out (Video)


Famous Afrobeat singer, Omahlay emphasizes the need to live life as he reflects on how quickly some people moved on following the demise of Mohbad.

During a recent interview, Omahlay expressed the pain of losing the 27-year-old singer while pointing out how easily people move on.

It is noteworthy that the ‘Soso’ singer once had his own downtime but he assured in the chat of getting himself together and focused on living his best life.

Omah Lay emphasized how painful the loss of Mohbad was for him because of the close relationship they shared.

“I must say this, you have to live your life. Mohbad just passed and it broke me down so badly but if you go on Instagram now, you will see everybody vibing. Everybody has moved one; you have to live your life. Don’t let anybody kill it for you. I’m so sad, he’s my boy; he’s like family,” he stated.

Watch the video below …

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