"Autopsy or not he no concern me, bring out those maltreated Mohbad when he was alive" - Bella Shmurda cries out

 Nigerian superstar, Bella Shmurda, has insisted that those who maltreated his late friend, Mohbad, need to be brought to face the consequences.

In a recent update on his X page, Bella Shmurda fervently urged the government to hold those responsible for bullying and tormenting Mohbad accountable before his premature death.

He emphasized the importance of timely justice and expressed his determination to expose those who wronged Mohbad during his lifetime.

He wrote, “Delayed justice is injustice. Bring out those who oppressed nd maltreated the hell out of him when he was alive that the goal. Autopsy or not he no concern me. Unless our govt don’t have feelings.💐❤️”.

See his post below:

Fans and followers trooped to Bella’s comment section as they shared messages of supports. Some reactions are shown below:

@YemiFirstson said, “I heard Naira Marley is back in naija.”

@YemiFirstson said, “With the way the world is talking about him, he will surely get justice.”

@Peewince1 said, “Delayed justice is injustice.”

@Its _ereko said, “The Father. The Girlfriend. Naira Marley. Zino. Sammy Larry. Naira Marley brother. Zino Girlfriend. everyone of them should be investigated. Including the guy shouting mohbad is dead in that video. DNA test should be done. IMOLE MUST GET JUSTICE.”

@zamani281 said, “It’s very clear who the culprits are, make they carry them come.”

@KingKudos said, “Yes, we want Naira Marley, Zino and Sammy Larry to be declared wanted please.”

@Tbillion40 said, “This is exactly the justice we want. Autopsy or not. Those that bullied him should be punished.”

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