"I did not kill her, I just found her dead in my apartment" - Uniport student, Damian denies k!lling his girlfriend [Video]

 Uniport student, Damian has denied killing his girlfriend, claiming he came home to her dismembered body.

Recall that the 400 level student was apprehended for allegedly killing his girlfriend and trying to throw her dismembered body.

He revealed while being interrogated by members of the Police Force with the members of the press present there.

Damian claims he did not kill his girlfriend and only came home go see the dismembered body of his girlfriend, Justina.

Upon questioning by the Police why he didn’t report the murder, he claimed he was sick and had gone to a pharmacy to receive treatment.

Even though Damian stays alone, he insists he didn’t have a hand in her death.

Watch video here…

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