Kizz Daniel’s bouncer Kelvin opens up on beating VeryDarkman after receiving a lot of request Online [Video]


Kelvin Atobiloye, the bouncer of popular Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel, surprised fans when he received an unexpected request to beat up the controversial TikToker, VeryDarkMan.

However Atobiloye declined the request and revealed that he and VeryDarkMan have been friends since childhood.

The incident occurred during a TikTok live session where Kelvin Atobiloye was engaging with fans who were eager to interact with the newfound online sensation.

During the session, a viewer suggested that Atobiloye should pay a visit to VeryDarkMan and confront him, possibly due to the TikToker’s history of sharing controversial views on various public issues.

In response to the fan’s request, Atobiloye made it clear that he has a deep personal connection with VeryDarkMan, describing him as a childhood friend.

He said;

“VeryDarkMan na my childhood friend, nothing dey shake that guy o, make una free am.”

See below;

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