“No go hustle, you think say Davido go give you money forever at your age” - Carter Efe blasts VeryDarkMan [Video]

 Comedian and skit maker, Carter Efe has launched a tirade of attacks on VeryDarkMan on his Instagram live.

Carter who seems to be enraged over the fact that Davido treated the online activist to a stay in a luxurious apartment in Lagos.

Carter kept on blasting VeryDarkMan, reminding him that the freebies he got from celebrities wouldn’t last forever and it’s only a matter of time before their kindness expires.

According to Carter, VeryDarkMan only rose to prominence for dragging skincare brands but now he’s including Mr. Ibu and Nollywood.

In his words;
“Idiot, very foolish boy, mature man like that dey behave like that, dey come online dey fool himself everytime.

When your mama and your papa don come outside come beg, you go understand, sheybi Nigeria don give you platform, you say you no do advert, make dem just continue to dey feed you, make dem just continue to dey dash you money.

I see you the other day dey follow yhemolee drag, your mate na mula Abi you senior mula and e dey hustle make money, with your smelling singlet, e sure me say if dey soak that singlet for water e go dey smell die, you go carry pr_ck dey come outside online and you dey form educated guru.”

He further stressed the fact that Davido, who is VeryDarkMan’s agemate was the one who brought him to Lagos and yet he was happy and jubilating. Carter Efe still claims that in his time, he was the one who brought himself into living the Lagos lifestyle all the way from Ughelli, Warri.

He ended the video assuring VeryDarkMan he will soon be dragged as well.

Watch video here…

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