I cried more in 2012 than my entire life – Ebuka Uchendu makes revelation

 Media personality Ebuka Uchendu, has stunned fans and followers by sharing details of how he cried his eyes out in 2012.

This revelation from Ebuka comes after he shared his emotional journey and struggle with mental health.

The reality TV star refuted the popular belief that he has no difficulties. He has mental health problems just like everyone else.

When asked which year had been the most difficult for him, Ebuka Uchendu said that 2012 had been the worst. He said it was the most agonising year of his life.

Ebuka tweeted:

2012. Cried more in that year than my entire conscious life combined”.

Buikem wrote, “Ebuka give us a full thread about it, please. I really care to know

Dr. Elder wrote, “We thank God you survived it, bro”.

Eagle wrote, “What made you cry more then”.

Bullet Proof wrote, “Why”.

Lambo Bedroom wrote, “And now it ended in praise, people don’t know what someone is passing through until they say it. I’m here to tell you congratulations on your wins so far and more are coming.”

Big Jessica wrote, “That’s life when it’s about to hit you in the face, Gosh. Thank God it’s all over, mine was last year including my mom”.

Be International wrote, “Thank God it’s all now in the past”.

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