"Nobody won die" - Moment Singer Davido’s private jet encounters turbulence on air, his reaction trends online [Video]


A trending video captures Davido’s reaction as his private jet encounters turbulence during a flight.

During a recent trip, Davido found himself in a nerve-wracking situation when the aircraft experienced turbulence.

The video, shared by his cousin on TikTok, captured the artist’s fearful reaction as the turbulence hit. Holding onto his chair and clenching his teeth, Davido’s genuine concern for his safety was evident.

Davido candidly expressed his dislike for such situations, stating, “I was scared on the flight, I don’t like turbulence because I love my life.”

This honest admission resonated with fans, who appreciated his vulnerability and genuine concern for his well-being.

The video of Davido’s reaction to the turbulence quickly gained traction online, with fans finding his fear both relatable and amusing.

Social media platforms were flooded with comments and reactions to the singer’s candid response.

Many praised him for being genuine and expressing his emotions, while others couldn’t help but laugh at his relatable reaction.

@jimbabacomedian said: “Una just want make samklef and dammy dey vex now.”

@rythym_god reacted: “Poor man go think say na film.”

@nanc_y6803 said: “Fear fear no wonder he Dey pack crowds waka.”

@Dj_nezer commented: “Poor man pikin go say e no like Davido.”

@splendstar said: “Davido family sweet sha… e good make money go round and make everybody de successful ….”

See the video below:

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