Old songs bring back old memories - Emotional female fan weeps at AWAY Festival as Davido performs old hit song ‘Gobe’ [Video]

A female fan became so overwhelmed at Nigerian singer Davido’s AWAY Festival that she burst into tears while watching him perform one of his hit songs, ‘Gobe.’

The video which was shared by another user was captioned, “Look how they sung along when ‘Gobe’ came up, she was so excited and emotionally confessed here— that it’s the best and most emotional song she’s ever listened to in her life.”

“That one song you really love so much and get to hear it live in the concert, I would cry too.”

The caption clarified that the old hit song ‘Gobe’ was released years ago, and the lady, who happened to be present when it was performed, couldn’t contain her emotions.

Many other fans of the singer have taken to the comment section of the post to discuss the lady and the Nigerian singer.

See some reactions below:

@ezeey_boy: “During timeless concert in TBS as @davido just enter stage. Omo I just dey cry. Tears of joy, Happiness wan finish me that DAY.”

@BoyVascoFX: “This is nostalgia. She was just remembering the good old days.”

@vaporesssso: “Davido’s GOBE got her in her feelings.”

@Peru13309426155: “Omo like play like play I go davido dis December.”

@FavorGod36: “I go do pass this one make l see 001 first.”

@MutahBenjamin: “Same think that happened to me when He came to Berlin. Gobe is my all time Best. “Good things come to those who wait I’m ready to sleep Outside your gate.”


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