TikTok: Madonna University student who was allegedly expelled for joining Surround Sound challenge finally speaks

 Hours following reports of allegedly getting expelled from Madonna University for joining the viral Surround Sound TikTok trend, Genny D Baddie breaks the silence.

Genny alongside thousands of Nigerian female students joined the viral trend of sticking their phones to the ceiling and dancing in suggestive manners.

Addressing the reports, the Madonna University student debunked the report of getting expelled from school; while affirming that the video of her participation in the viral trend was not posted by herself.

She made this known via her TikTok page where she emphasized the pain of seeing misunderstood reports of her alleged situation.

In her words;

“I’m thugging but damn my heart hurt yo. Is the fact am trying to clear the rumor that I have not been expelled but nobody is giving me a listening ear. I wasn’t even the one that posted the video but all this blogger are just spreading news and is getting situation out of hands.”

Reactions trailing Madonna University student allegedly expelled for TikTok trend

Lisa šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’ said: “As far as them nor expell you you don’t need to explain cause the more you try to explain the more they turn deaf ears to you. You’ll be fine šŸ„°šŸ„°.”

She is layefa opined: “Well just pray you don’t get expelled oo and if you don’t till you leave Madonna don’t post such abeg so you don’t waste your guidance money please.”

teebeet095 noted: “You go explain tire cus no evidence šŸ˜‚.”

MJšŸ¦„šŸ¦„ stated: “What has happened has happenedYou’ve gained publicity use this opportunity take blow oo I advice u start posting more videos just a piece of advice šŸ¤·.”

ASIAPOWER00 noted: “Now now you enter school you don Dey Dey naked werrey no be you post am nah ghost post am now.”

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