Woman in viral “Mummy calm down” video reportedly commits suicide in Benin [Video]


A mother-of-three, whose son went viral three years ago, has reportedly died by suicide

The woman identified as Toluige Olokoobi Babalola reportedly took her life in Benin City, Edo state, leaving behind her husband and three children.

An X user known as Samuel shared the sad news and revealed that he was at the scene on Monday afternoon, Nov. 6.

Toluige and her young son went viral in 2020 when she shared a video of him begging her to “calm down” when she wanted to discipline him.

The X user wrote; “The woman in the viral Mummy Calm down Video has just committed suicide here in Benin. She refused to speak to anyone about her problems. She left 3 kids for her husband including the popular Mummy Calm down boy.”

Wath video below;

See reactions below;

queenbee_shell: Everyone is saying speak up , but once you do they either judge you or start avoiding you.😢.

prettycyndel: This boy was actually voicing out what his mum was going tru 🥹😭.

mira__berbie: What if she had spoke?and nobody too her serious💔.

julezobi: People are going through a lot🥲🥲🥲🥲 Motherhood ain’t easy, Mothers need all the support system they can get😢.

greggihenyen:  Imagine this child sees this video when he grows up. It certainly will be a painful experience. To think he was telling her to be calming down. It is well.

fabulosgloria: This news just messed up my entire day. Sometimes you can’t imagine what people are dealing with. God please help that family.

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