I Had A Dream I Was Selling Akara’— Femi Otedola’s first child, Tolani Otedola Reveals

I Had A Dream I Was Selling Akara’— Femi Otedola’s first child, Reveals

Billionaire daughter and singer, Tolani Otedola has taken to social media to share the ‘wild’ dream she had last night.

Tolani Otedola revealed on her official Twitter page, that she dreamt that she was behind a fast food counter, like the kind of fast food counter you see at McDonald’s or KFC and she was dressed in a uniform and hairnet making and selling akara.

According to her, she was selling akara sandwich to someone she knows and she shared a screenshot of her post on her Instagram page expressing worry about what her dream means.

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See her post below;

See some reactions below;


Sha leave social media and go and pray.. somethings are better left unsaid especially online…


Maybe your calling is to sell akara in a big way🤷you will name the business Mckara


You need to pray oooo😂😂😂😂😂it’s not funny which one is Akara again😂😂😂😂😂not even shawarma or pizza


It’s not everything you’ll put online, real dream interpretaters aren’t here… you’ll only be mocked. Plus most dreams don’t have meanings, their just ur mind tricking u


Pay me 10m naira to interpret to you..you need to pay ASAP because delay is dangerous


If she is doing well already I mean financially, she has to pay attention and invest it properly if not her enemy will experience future hardship which is from grace to grass .. pray and be very intentional 👏


Please everyone stay safe remain in your house arm robbers are killing people in the American movie am watching now 🙏😭


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