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“After the fight in 2020, we reconciled and broke up again in 2023” – CuteGeminme cries out after her ex-boyfriend Lil Frosh denies beating her (Video)

CuteGeminme cries out after her ex-boyfriend Lil Frosh denies beating her
CuteGeminme cries out after her ex-boyfriend Lil Frosh denies beating her

Instagram influencer CuteGeminme, in a recent video, has addressed the situation after her ex-boyfriend, singer Lil Frosh, accused her of seeking reconciliation.

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, Lil Frosh garnered attention online as he appealed to his former record label boss, Davido, for a second chance. This plea came after his contract was terminated in October 2020 amid allegations of domestic violence involving Cute Geminme, his ex-girlfriend.

Lil Frosh asserted his innocence, claiming he was framed, and also mentioned his ex-girlfriend’s allergic reactions to certain substances.

In a twist, Lil Frosh released conversations where Cute Gemini expressed a desire to reconcile, years after their tumultuous past. In these messages, she earnestly pleaded to revive their relationship, expressing regret over the situation’s escalation.

Sharing the chat Lil Frosh wrote; “After she did everything,after I paid money for what I knew nothing about,after the court case and stress and after DMW had sent me away,after I had lost fans and nobody was willing to associate with my brand.

“This girl started texting me so that we come back together,after she ruined me,my name,my career,everything was gone.

“Nigerians I am innocent I was framed by a women I loved and cared for,yes I made a mistake I am only human,and I was really sorry I begged and begged,no one was willing to listen to me @davido please one more chance.”

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In response to Lil Frosh’s recent post, CuteGeminme addressed the situation in a new video, refuting his claims of her seeking reconciliation. She emphatically stated that Lil Frosh’s statements about her having allergic reactions were false.

CuteGeminme went on to reveal that Lil Frosh’s abuse wasn’t limited to physical harm; she also endured verbal and emotional abuse from him. She shared that during their court proceedings in October 2021, Lil Frosh attempted to reconcile, emphasizing the downturn of his music career and pleading for her assistance. However, she declined.

Despite rejecting his plea, CuteGeminme disclosed that Lil Frosh persisted in October 2022, crying and expressing remorse. Out of pity, she gave him another chance, hoping for positive changes. Unfortunately, his old aggressive behaviors resurfaced, worsening the situation.

CuteGeminme recounted an incident where Lil Frosh threatened a friend of hers over a phone call on April 18. Following this, she made the decision to end the relationship for the second time. In the video, she earnestly apologized to her fans, acknowledging that she should not have given him a second chance and seeking forgiveness from her supporters.


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See reactions below;

sabitalk1: With my little experience as a law student back in the days, when someone is lying you can see from the person’s body language, little Sam Larry of tiktok oni kure seh 😂.

_blessingv: It’s clear she’s lying I hope Nigeria doesn’t fall the second time.

justiz_eni: As a law student 😂😂dat I am I mean law student dat did not enter class 😂 blinking too much is a sign of lies.

amosi_0zoh: Na lie full this girl mouth. How person go punch fair person and that place no black?? Just swollen. lol😂😂 Beside that voice note is not even lil frosh voice.

seun_dreams: To be fair enough, Both of them are not saying the truth but trust me this girl is [email protected]👀.

officialv2roskey:  The voice note is valid. He was chasing other guys away from her. A girl in a serious relationship is not supposed to be keeping too many male friends no matter what they are doing together.

sliver9844: Omo if you get better girlfriend wey dey give you peace of mind you no know wetin God do for you 😂😂

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