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Alex Ekubo Uses Nigerian Jollof To Teach Yvonne Nelson How It Feels Like To Fall In Love After Crying Out


Actor Alex Ekubo using Nigerian Jollof as a case study has taught Yvonne Nelson how it feels like to fall in love after she cried out saying she has forgotten how it feels like to fall in love.

Yvonne Nelson in a tweet asked how it feels like to fall in love because she has forgotten which means she hasn’t been in love for a very long time or she just decided to give up on love for some reason.

Alex Ekubo replying to that decided to kill 2 birds with a stone by shooting his shot indirectly and also making Yvonne Nelson how it feels to fall in love since he has also been heartbroken before just as Yvonne Nelson has also been heartbroken.


According to Alex Ekubo, falling in love will be so easy to be remembered by Yvonne Nelson when she just remembers how she felt when Nigerian Jollof first touched her tongue and that experience can only be shared by her and no one else.

Alex Ekubo’s reply to Yvonne Nelson might mean two different things since he compared it with Nigerian Jollof as some might love the taste others might not hence it depends on you the individual to compare how Nigerian Jollof tasted when you first ate it.

But some netizens believe that Alex Ekubo is taking advantage of Yvonne Nelson’s post to shoot his shot as some even think he has had something to do with her in the past but the post doesn’t insinuate that and moreover Alexx was set to marry this month.

screenshot below;

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