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Alleged Video Video of Celine and Afiba Lying on Andrew’s Bed Without Clothes surface online

Alleged Video Video of Celine and Afiba Lying on Andrew’s Bed Without Clothes surface online

A rare video purportedly showing the missing women, Celine Ndudim of Nigeria and Afiba Tandoh of Ghana, has surfaced online, sparking intense interest and concern.

The video shows the two women resting on a bed believed to belong to Andrew Ochekwo, a man they had traveled to meet.

Celine and Afiba had reportedly traveled from Port Harcourt to Abia a few weeks ago to visit Andrew, whom they had met on Facebook. After this visit, the women were never seen again, prompting widespread concern and a search for answers.

Human rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu has accused Andrew of abducting Celine and Afiba, and an investigation is currently underway. Andrew was apprehended by police but subsequently died in their custody.

The case gained further attention during a segment of “In-Depth Analysis,” where a female guest shared a rare video of the missing women. In the clip, Celine and Afiba are seen naked and motionless on the bed. The guest was in conversation with Ben, a man who claimed to have been Andrew’s friend for ten years. She asserted that this video was the last known footage of the two women.


The emergence of this video has intensified public interest and concern, with many hoping for a resolution and justice for Celine and Afiba. The investigation continues as authorities work to uncover the full story behind their disappearance.

Watch the last video of the ladies in Andrew’s house below:

GistLover could not independently verify the viral clip as of the time of this report.


Reacting to the video

@rfk3348 said:

“This guy is in the game with Andrew. An adult friend can’t be sending such messages and videos to someone who is not in the same circle of character. Get this guy apprehended.”

@Zee_n1098 said: “This guy mus be arrested, why would he be sent such videos if he is not in that nonsense with his so-called evil friend…. Noooooo, guys he needs to be held accountable as well for not reporting immediately when his friend sent him such. He is as guilty as his friend, if he didn’t know what his friend does he wouldn’t have sent him. They are in it together.”


@Chillingisbae said:”Mr Ben you knew all these evil acts of Mr Andrew, you didn’t report him or cut off from him. What a SHAME! God will judge you evil doers!”

@Chizz667 said:”How can this man be comfortable with a demon like this? Calling a predator a friend and he informs him of all his escapades, why? He was comfortable sending exhibits to you and you comfortably receives, he calls you to update you on everything, his whereabouts, actions and you never boycotted this friend hmm , I fear you mr Ben. You’re part of this whole evil, God forbid.”

@ibbyiyama7030 said:”Ben is COMPLICIT in this crime. Why didn’t he inform UK police of the whereabouts of Andrew since Nigeria police cannot be trusted. UK Police should arrest him immediately for questioning.”

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