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“As Tapswap never pay, na to tap pastor car’ – Reactions trail as church members seen rushing to tap God’s blessing from their pastor’s car [Video]

Reactions trail as church members seen rushing to tap God’s blessing from their pastor’s car

A viral video has taken the internet by storm, capturing the extraordinary sight of churchgoers eagerly flocking to their pastor’s car in hopes of receiving God’s blessings.

In the video, Pastor Ebuka Anozie Obi is seen driving with his security escorts, trying to navigate through the enthusiastic crowd. The church members can be observed fervently tapping the car, believing that this act connects them with divine blessings.

The video has generated a range of responses from social media users. Opinions vary greatly, with some viewers expressing amazement and faith, while others offer skepticism and criticism.

The clip continues to spark conversations online, reflecting the diverse reactions and interpretations of this unusual display of devotion.



iam_bmodel said: “Imagine seeing your babe rushing to touch someone’s car so she can be free from what ever that is happening to him or her. Which other red canopy pass that one?”

Watch the video below:


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ramatu__sani said: “We are in trouble in this country because of religion”

mz_nomso said: “Be happy that your family members are not disgraceful.”

empress_chioma_osahenruwen said: “Na church go scatter this country las las Sweti be this”

ms_leemart said: “The problem is some people now worship man of God more than God himself”

mayorsoj said: “As Tapswap neva pay, na to tap pastor car”


thefoodnetworknig2 said: “Na why Jesus talked about idol worshipping for Bible be this… He know say some of una na goats, mehhh!”


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