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“when you keep ha.ting on someone who gave you life” – 30BG fan reminds Burna Boy of how OBO supported him when he was nobody

The well-known Afrobeat singer, Burna Boy, is still making pointed remarks aimed at Davido, drawing criticism from fans of the 30 Billion Gang (30BG).

Despite past support from Davido, Burna Boy has been disrespecting his colleague in recent times.

A mild online altercation began a few days ago when a singer mocked Burna Boy for not winning any of his Grammy nominations. Instead of responding to the fan, Burna Boy chose to throw shade at Davido, sparking controversy and disappointment among fans.


A social media user took to the online platform to share evidence, known as “receipts,” showcasing the unwavering support Davido had provided in the past when Burna Boy was not as well-known as he is today.

This move aimed to highlight the contrast between Davido’s previous support and Burna Boy’s recent disrespectful behavior.

The netizen wrote …


“People wondering why I hate this useless boy
, when you keep hating on someone who gave you life when you were nobody. This same you👇someone that should be grateful to
forever for turning his life around. Man supported you till you become someone in life, now that you are big, you feel he’s the same person you should joke with.

Man knew what he was saying when he said you are a new cat, and he wasn’t kidding about it. It’s this ur arrogance that will finish you up, you allow Jews and In-jew wey no get life dey whine ur head make you dey against your brother 🖤 all in name of stanship. You are a big shame to the whole NBM, where is the social equity and justice? Burnaboy you fell off so bad, I pray for your end soon if you no change your ways.”

In reaction, Burna Boy opined that they’re all lies, and it is lies like this that gives fans the audacity to keep coming for him. He wasted no time in throwing an insulting word at Davido.

“😂🤣. na all these lies wey una dey tell una selves wey dey give una mind. All these corner bam😂 Na Online una dey sha, yarn as you like. 😂🤣 your Oga na pu*s****y. Fact na fact,” Burna wrote.


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