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“David belongs to a secret cult and wanted to introduce me to it but I refused” – Davido’s friend Abu Salami reveal [Video]

Business mogul Abu Salami, who called out Davido a few days ago, claimed that the artist wanted to introduce him to a cult but he refused.

Recall that Abu Salami called out Davido a few days ago over unpaid debt worth N218 million meant for a project for children.

According to Abu Salami, the singer has backed out of the arrangement, refuses to refund the money, and has been pressured by the boy band and the singer’s solicitors.

He revealed on his Instagram page that he paid the musician 218 million naira out of a 326 million naira deal.


He claimed that on a specific day, he, the businessman, had to fly to twenty states with an eleven-person production crew in search of young, skilled football players for the youngsters.

In a new update, Abu Salami disclosed in a video that Davido belongs to a secret cult and wanted to introduce him to the cult but he refused.

Abu further added that Davido has been stealing from people and living a fake life to impress the world. Adding to that, negotiations with him have failed because he does not have the money to pay back his debt.

Abu mentioned that friends tried to mediate the matter between him and Davido to no avail because Davido has no money to pay him.

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