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Davido: “Burnaboy and small Rema are way richer than Davido” – Abu Salami accuses singer of living fake life on debt (Video)


Photographer and businessman Abu Salami is not taking it easy in dragging singer Davido as he compares his money to that of his colleagues, Burnaboy and Rema.

Slamming Davido for living a fake live, Abu Salami who is well known for calling out Davido over N218M debt questioned Davido’s income and said that Burna Boy’s money could not be matched to his.

He claimed that he saw Burnaboy instantly transfer N15 million to a man who was in great need of assistance.

Abu continued by saying there’s a good probability that the singer doesn’t have enough cash to reimburse him.

Speaking to individuals who were questioning him about not following the law, he boasted about his victory over Davido and said he didn’t trust the legal system.


He went on to say that he smiles good night, knowing fully well that he has permanently damaged the singer’s reputation and left him and his public relations team in disarray.

Abu Salami said; “Burnaboy is way Richer than Davido, Even Rema is Richer Than Davido, Forget about his Status in reality Davido doesn’t Have the N100Million Cash to give to me, if I take Davido to court he will bribe the Judges and win me, but I am happy that I have forever stained his Reputation and everyone now knows Davido owes me money.”

Listen to the audio below;

In similar news,  Abu Salami says “Davido belongs to a cult and wanted to introduce me to it, i refused. He’s stealing from people and living a fake life to impress the world. Negotiations with him has failed because he does not have the money to pay back his debts.”

Watch the video below;

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