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DNA: “Hope this man don settle Mohbad wife?” – Nigerian drag out Man that promise Mohbad’s wife N10 million if the baby belongs to Mohbad

Nigerian drag out Man that promise Mohbad’s wife N10 million if the baby belongs to Mohbad  

A Nigerian businessman, identified as Larry Omodia, has made a generous proposal to the widow of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad amidst growing requests for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her son, Liam.

After the singer’s sudden passing on September 12, his longtime partner Wunmi came forward to reveal that they were married with a child.

However, due to the mystery surrounding his death, some netizens, led by Very Black Man, have demanded a DNA test on the son to eliminate any suspicions regarding his wife’s involvement in his death.


This did not sit well with Mohbad’s sister-in-law, who threatened to file a N300 million lawsuit against Very Black Man for ordering the DNA test.

His words,

“N10 million to Mohbad’s wife if DNA proves that that child belongs to Mohbad. African television will pay for the DNA test, raise N10 million for Mohbad’s wife to raise that child if the DNA proves that that child is actually Mohbad’s child.

“This is to counter those people who say, ‘If you talk about DNA, they will sue you for N3 million. Let them come after me. My name is Larry Omodia. I’m the CEO of African Television.

“I’m going to sponsor the DNA test and make sure that the baby gets N10 million if he’s proven to be Mohbad’s child. Why? Because accusation is traumatic. But what is more traumatic than accusation? A life of lies.

“So we would compensate Mohbad’s wife if the baby actually belongs to Mohbad. But if that baby isn’t for Mohbad, men will learn a lot of lessons from that.

“So, this message is to Mohbad’s family, get me that woman, get the baby; we’ll do a DNA test. If the woman has nothing to hide, she walks away with N10 million; that is a promise. And if you want to sue people for what is right, come after me.”

Watch below, 

“Do DNA test, 10 Million Naira for you if the baby is Mohbad’s” – CEO to Mohbad’s wife.

— YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) September 25, 2023

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