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Bride left in Shock after Her Ex she left for being broke Storms Her Wedding To Shut It Down with Cash [Video]

We have sighted a video that captured the moment a man shut down the wedding of a lady who ditched him.

The video was sighted on Twitter and per what we saw, the man was seen spreading some large sums of money to just get the lady ‘shy’.

The social media user who shared the video stated that the man was ditched by the lady because he was not ‘rich’.

He didn’t let that weigh him down as he went out to work hard, getting rich and coming back to show the lady what he is made of.

Watch the video below;


Some reactions the video got are;

@tessysmitha – So he’s trying to make a point or what ? She being shocked is making the whole thing look silly . God knows I’ll dance and pack my money .

@Odogwu_Nomso – I will never understand the obsession guys have with someone that left them because they were not financially stable, you work so hard to make it to show off at her wedding & dash her alot of Money lol

@General_Oluchi – Funny enough, this is the dream of many Nigerians. To make money and pepper those who mocked their past. Nothing else.

@whatishot_co_za – He needs to move on with his life. Meanwhile she should pack the money

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