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“If na guy now, una go dey call am broke” – Nigerian father raises eyebrows as he paints a fading bag for his daughter

A video of a Nigerian father is making waves on social media as it captures the moment he used a brush and black paint to refresh the color of a bag he bought for his daughter, which had started to fade.

The father’s creative and caring gesture has sparked discussions and gained attention from many people online.

The video is captioned: “My dad painting the bag he bought for me because the chain don dey change color.”

The video depicts the father holding the faded bag and applying black paint to refresh its color. The reveal of the daughter’s joyful face follows the painting.


Shortly after the video surfaced online, numerous individuals flocked to the comment section to express their thoughts on this heartwarming gesture.

See some reactions below:

HOLUBUNMI001: “if nah GUY now, una go dey call am BROKE or STINGY BOYFRIEND.”

SOLOMON 👹: “my father will rather buy anyone for me than stress himself.”

Ayomide: “One of the reasons I get aggressive and don’t share whatever gift I receive from my parents.”


OMA👑: “if na boyfriend do am now, some of una no go appreciate am.”

hopepearl03: “I have never experienced a fathers love😭😭😭😭😭 all my life.”

Orok_Nsisong🇳🇬: “pipu saying her dad broke….that’s pure love from Dr little he has🥺🥺🥺 n he really values dat gift…it means a lot.”

PaTrIcIa💋🦋🇳🇬: “please take care of him, I lost my Dad 2years ago.a day after my birthday, story for another day am still 💔🥺😩 because I’m miss him.”

blackson_Fx: “May you marry someone who would love you as ur father does…”


Tamara: “that’s the real treasure girl….it more expensive than any expensive bag you have.”



He doesnt want me to throw it 🥺i love u daddy ❤️😍😩#go viral

♬ original sound – Renny🦋🦋

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