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Nigerian Lady secures visa, secretly travels abroad after lover deposited N3m meant for their wedding into her account


A lady has secretly moved abroad with an ample amount of money her fiance saved for their wedding.

The shocking news was shared on the X platform by her lover’s brother, @Eederah_ and it generated significant attention online.

The young man made a substantial deposit of 3 million naira into the lady’s account in preparation towards their wedding. 

Much to the man’s surprise, the woman used the deposited money for visa processing and decided to travel abroad.

He wrote, “My brother deposited 3 million Naira into his wife to be account in preparation for their marriage. The girl used the money to process her Visa and travelled out”. See the post below:


The news triggered massive reactions as commenters trooped to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

emmaugolee said, “Some moves leave so much weight on the conscience for life with to torment that makes the loss of 3m a joke. And just In case that conscience is so dead that it can leave with it, then the advantage of missing to marry the devil is even a bigger blessing that’s bigger than losing 3m. Either way you win my guy.”

angelmonsuru said, “Mo Ma Pe Were Lapeta! Or Better Still, Ma Fa Wale. A Rinse From Abroad To Naija. Iwo Ati Taani?”

cindy.favy said, “The heart of humans are ev!l pray to get a kind one”.

botstudioz said, “3M? To where na? Madam already had plans to japa before that money drop.”

iamjidekene said, “Well at least it cost him 3M to know if he was marrying his enemy ☺️Wise investing”.

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