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Reaction As OAP Neo Claims If He Marries A Broke, Jobless, Non-virgin, She Will Do Every Chore till Her Hands Pill


Nigeria’s media personality Neo has got netizens furious with his claims of making his wife do every single chore in the house till her hands pill if not a virgin.

Neo posted claiming that if he marries you as a broke, jobless, non-virgin woman from a poor home, you will do every single chore in the house till your hands pill making it look awful and revealing how wicked he is.

According to him, he will only provide a house-help or assists himself if he marries a lady as a virgin from a stable family with a source of income only then will you have helps at your beck and call on him and he will always be there for you.

This has made some netizens especially females so furious raining insults on him with some asking him to go and ask his father whether he married his mother a virgin and if he made her do all the chores in the house till her hands pill off.

Media personality Neo’s post simply means he wants a virgin to marry when he’s set to get married but talking about the torture a non-virgin will go through in his hands if he ends up marrying one is what made people rain insult on him.

Simply putting it that you want a virgin to marry isn’t a wrong thing and that will let no non-virgin try anything with you but adding that you will make someone’s daughter suffer like this in your hands is mere wickedness and the woman you will marry must be careful.


screenshot below;

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