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Nigerian lady causes commotion online as she flaunts Benz and other luxury items she gained from her ‘hookup’ business (Video)


A Nigerian lady has turned heads on social media by openly revealing that she owes her lavish lifestyle to her involvement in what is commonly referred to as ‘hookup‘ or prostitution.

In a video that has gone viral online, the young lady showcased the luxuries she enjoys as a result of her unconventional career choice.

The young lady, who goes by the pseudonym “Runs Queen,” showcased a lifestyle that many would envy.

Her flaunted possessions include a sleek Mercedes Benz, which she confidently drove during the video.

She provided netizens with a glimpse into her world of luxury, featuring extravagant vacations abroad, visits to exotic destinations, and frequent dinners at upscale restaurants.

Among the jaw-dropping items she proudly displayed were luxurious apartments that she enjoys as part of her work perks, stacks of 100-dollar bills, high-end designer wristwatches, and even a Ferrari.

The video left viewers both stunned and intrigued.

With her striking looks and curvaceous figure, the Runs Queen’s post quickly gained significant attention on social media, sparking a flurry of reactions and discussions.

Netizens Reactions…

@godson_allsom wrote; “Dear God 🤲🏻May all the decent ones win as well 😢🙏”


@blue__tochi said; “🤮 I’m ashamed of you ,Please don’t be pressured for God shall surely b”less the hand of a hard working woman.

Now let me ask a question: How many times do you wanna bend over to get that job, promotion, wealth still you won’t be happy after all achievements knowing you got it from sleeping around🤮😩😔please hardworking women be guided 🙌legit Hussle go pay definitely.”

@noble_mkey said; “Ladies and gentlemen, shame finally has been removed from the English dictionary 👏”

@fashion_magicblog said; “These are one of those post that will mislead people, if you check well you might see that she is joking but some people will take it seriously.”

@marbella__young said; “Don’t these people have family members? Future ambitions? Not everything is cruise. How can you label yourself a prostitution just for content? This generation and social media validation 🤦‍♀️”

@jesus_is_coming_soon_001 said; “Life without Christ is full of crisis. Accept salvation today and be saved. Jesus loves you.❤️”

@happyrichard30 said; “My own is the decent ones will start believing this sh*t, or start feeling useless, not me Sha all these things no dey shake me , don’t be deceived.”

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