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Ya mama Wack – Drama as American Rapper Soulja Boy Finally Sees Wizkid's Tweet for Trolling Him


American rapper Soulja Boy after 10yrs of being insulted by Wizkid for being wack has finally replied to that with an insult dragging his innocent mother into it.

Wizkid in a tweet in 2010 insulted Soulja Boy for being wack and the American rapper has been quiet over it for years without replying to that, 12yrs later, Soulja Boy finally replied to Wizkid’s insult dragging his innocent mother into it.


Soulja Boy replied to that tweet saying Wizkid’s mother is the one who is wack asking him to shut his b!tch a$$ up and we wonder why Souja Boy was quiet for 12yrrs before replying to the insult of Wizkid over something that happened in the past.

This is something only Soulja Boy can explain better by telling us why he has been quiet for 12yrs before he finally replied to the insult dragging the mother of Wizkid into it and we know Wizkid will surely respond to this or drag him.

screenshot below;

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