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Heartwarming video of Mohbad and his son Liam sharing father-son moment leaves many emotional [Watch]


A heartwarming video which popped up online shows the late Afrobeats singer, Mohbad sharing a loving father-and-son moment with his kid, Liam.

Death of Mohbad has struck a chord in the hearts of those who knew of him in life and in his absence.

A video which has got many emotional shows Mohbad backing his baby on his back.

He could be seen backing Liam as his wife, Wunmi playfully grabbed his arm while they were in the kitchen.

Recall that Mohbad died at the age of 27 on September 12th 2023 in controversial circumstances. He was buried the next day, September 13th 2023.

Following the videos that surfaced online where Mohbad was harassed and assaulted, Nigerians demanded an autopsy to be done and by extension, the remains of Mohbad have been exhumed, an autopsy completed and the world awaits the result.

Watch the adorable video below;


See reactions below;

mumc_bella: This is why he kept his son away from media 🤦🏽‍♀️ because he knows y’all are too judgmental! DNA ko, X-ray ni? Moh didn’t question the paternity of his son, who are you all to do it for him? Let’s get him justice and that’s it.. Ki e fi omo omo lomo le 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

theonlyjbeauty:  theonlyjbeauty 4 h Say the child is not his so what then??? What does dna have to do with his death??? So the child isn’t his, does that automatically mean na him babe kill ham??? Alaseju ppl….use the same energy on ppl that evidently assaulted him una no gree…….Nigerians deserve everything happening to them in this country I swear down🤡🤡🤡 channel the same energy on ur bad government u say no🙄.

caltherapies: caltherapies 4 h Meanwhile some men get children outside unknown to the wife . Not only singles visit those hotel and some of you men do it raw, some of you even know you have baby outside but choose to assume is giveaway. Someone must raise us regardless of any circumstances. We’re all children of the world. I was raised by community fathers and mothers. They remain my parents.

luxury23550:  Why releasing all this videos because of common DNA, emotional blackmailers 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️use the same energy and walk into an hospital for DNA.

teeto__olayeni:  This smile at the end. Omo it just feels like this guy this sleeping or went on a journey and would be back or wakeup soon😢😢😢😢. Olorun maa je kin fi iku ni okiki,maa je kin omo araye pa naa ogo mi.

irene_ibekwe:  There is one thing i don’t understand, who is leaking all these private videos to the media? Is it his wife that isn’t in the right frame of mind to tell Nigerians where she was when her husband died and how he did? cause this video was definitely made with late Mohbad’s phone or his wife’.. what point is she trying to make exactly by posting these video.

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