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I feel guilty about Mohbad’s death – Iyabo Ojo’s husband, Paulo shares what singer told him in London [Video]

 In an exclusive interview, Iyabo Ojo’s husband, Paulo opened up about his last experience with late singer, Mohbad.

He admitted that he may have unintentionally caused the singer’s demise by taking Mohbad to the UK for a personal show.

Paulo shared that during their time in London, Mohbad expressed concerns about receiving threats, prompting him to consider hiring security.

The artist manager reflected on his initial lack of awareness regarding the severity of the situation.

Paulo said;

“I think I’m even the person who caused all this wahala. If I didn’t take Mohbad to UK I don’t think all this could have started again. Because after Uk show, he got a show in Greece had a European tour and started having all this opportunities again. I feel so sad.

“I told him him we are going to London, get me your passport, I will get you your Visa we are doing UK tour. He was just panicking even when he came to London we were in one of the hotels, he started telling me that he is getting threats. Listen, I didn’t know this thing was this bad.

“When he told me he needed security, I told him what is security gonna do, you are in London. And he showed me something that was when I told him that as long as he is here that he is okay, nobody is coming to touch him. I spoke to him and his manager and I also told him that we will get him a security guard.”

Following the revelation of Mohbad’s progress and opportunities after the UK show, netizens took to social media to express themselves. Most of them said Mohbad’s counterparts became very jealous of his progress.


@Ladytaeofficial said: “He was starting to get back up and they got iealous of him…This life!”

@farulee12 commented: “They boy literally lived his last days in fear and panic. But why exactly??”

@Dongarrus1 said: “It’s too bad that everyone is now trying to look good for a dead person.”

@Biodun_OG said: “More secrets need to be disclosed. This industry is a crime scene.”

@jaybaba0098h said: “Omo! And I believe we haven’t seen anything. More revelations to come.”

@obajemuinr commented: “Home and abroad Mohbad never had the peace he sang about, I don’t wish this type of oppression on my enemy.”

@Ish commented: “His death will unveil more criminal things in the industry, not just on Marlians records only. Because all of these people are connected somehow.”

See the video below:

They called PaulO to drop Mohbad from his personal show in the UK.

He said MohBad was in a panic mood during the tours.

The audacity from them.😐 pic.twitter.com/nmmaXUSlhJ

— POOJA!!! (@PoojaMedia) September 19, 2023

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