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“I supported Peter Obi but he did not have an Mc Oluomo in him” — Odumodu Blvck speaks [Video]

Odumodu Blvck has come out to pledge his support for the Labour party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, while accusing him of not having an Mc Oluomo spirit.

The rapper acknowledges that this was the reason we did not have a fighting chance at the 2023 General Presidential Elections only recently held in February.

In the video, he also lambasted netizens who called him out for his song, Mc Oluomo, calling them idiots, clarifying that the song isn’t about Mc Oluomo neither is his song Declan Rice, about the Arsenal player, Declan Rice.

Odumodu Blvck ended the video saying Peter Obi should have maintained his grounds during the election while advising the crowd present that “Power is not given, it is taken!”

See Netizens reactions:

@The_Vyruz said: Peter Obi actually has a thousand MC Oluomo. He just didn’t ask us to hurt anyone for his ambitions. Cause as it stands now, if Peter Obi gives the word, niggaz will get hurt, including the said Oluomo 😌


@n6oflife6 wrote: This guy is bent on Self Destructing Everything he has achieved. Sad. 🤔

@TheTifeFab_ said: If Peter Obi had an MC Oluomo in him, that would make him the same kind of person with the people we want out of power. The MC Oluomo “in him” would definitely want to be paid back with juicy rewards and that ruins the revolution we seek

@HansyIam reacted: MC Oluomo shouldn’t have had any place in his assertion, if really he was serious, bcos MC Oluomo represents everything negative to a healthy society. Power is taken by smart arguments, noble fight & masses standout. None of the aforementioned represent Oluomo. So Odum dey mad.

@BigSaintAFC said: The song is not about Declan Rice but you meet the player and you were excited. Arsenal used the song and you went over the moon. This guy no just get sense

Watch video here:

“If Peter Obi had an MC Oluomo, we would have had a chance”

– OdumoduBlvck


— 🐬 @𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗷𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗯𝗼𝘆 (@OneJoblessBoy) October 6, 2023

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