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“If na me, i go slap my own” – Reactions trail as Davido’s aid, Lati seen slapping fans for coming close to artist

Netizens have expressed their reactions to circulating videos online, showcasing Davido’s aide, Lati, brutally slapping fans of the artist.

In one video, Davido is seen walking with his crew, and an enthusiastic fan with a phone attempts to capture the singer.

Initially pushed away by some of Davido’s staff, the fan returns for his video. Lati quickly and harshly responds by delivering a hard slap.

The incident has sparked various reactions and discussions among netizens regarding the actions of Davido’s aide.

In another video from the same location, a man approaches Davido for a handshake, intending to express his love for the artist.

However, he is also slapped by Lati, further intensifying the reactions and discussions among netizens about the actions of Davido’s aide.

Watch the videos below:

Some social media users have reacted to the videos shared online….

One @bepehthecreator wrote: “As a Davido fan it so annoying seeing shit like this, his people need to do better.”

@teejaybaba wrote: “Davido with his useless guys he takes around. You will know all of them are bullies.

@Oladapomikky1 wrote: “Omo even me self feel am.”

@Govmentson wrote: “Same Lati guy.: Abi him Dey work with instruction?”

@YOURTAILORBOY1 wrote: “Na Davido fan I be oo but this shit doesn’t make sense .. omo I go return house go use juju for that guy na ni oo.e must collect.”

@Alashkid wrote: “I been think say na Davido guy😭 see as e dey come with hand.”

@stephdreals wrote: “Why the slap nah? Why not tell him you can’t shake him than slapping him Nawa o.”

@EarthquakeMain wrote: “Now Imagine is that’s Burna and crew 😂 by now Daniel Regha and the whole twitter for don open mouth.”

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