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If You’re Feeling Useless Remember Someone Did Kim Kardashian’s Makeup For The Met Gala – Chioma Says


Davido’s baby mama Chioma has motivated her fans never to feel useless as she uses the one who did makeup for Kim Kardashian at the recent Met Gala as a case study.

Chioma shared a post that motivates fans never to give up or even feel useless in whatever they do give a classical example by using the one who did the makeup for Kim Kardashian for the Met Gala which she covered all her face.

Kim Kardashian wore an outfit the covered up all her face without showing her makeup and what this writeup is trying to say is that the person who did the makeup for Kim Kardashian did a cos 90 job because no one saw the makeup he/she did and how beautiful Kim look because of the outfit she wore.


Therefore, if someone who is aware that her makeup won’t amount to anything but went ahead to do it for Kim Kardashian excitedly, who are you to feel useless over something that happened or just because things aren’t going your way or how you planned it.

Chioma sharing this post on her Instastory is a way to help and motivate her fans who are feeling useless today because of one or two things hence whenever you are feeling useless, you just have to remember that someone did Kim Kardashian’s makeup for the Met Gala.

Screenshot below;

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