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“I’m signing him straight up” – Chef Hilda Baci says after Aquafina hawker went viral [Video]


Popular Nigerian chef and Guinness record holder, Hilda Baci has disclosed her intentions to sign the viral Aquafina hawker in a viral video.

Dr H20, a young Nigerian man known for his unconventional street marketing of ‘Aquafina’ bottled water, recently made headlines as he mingled with notable celebrities at an event.


Dr. H20 was seen confidently joining brand ambassadors such as actresses Kate Henshaw, Jemima Osunde, and Munachi Abii at the ‘Aquafina event in a captivating TikTok video posted by @koffiseed.

The video showed Dr. H20’s charismatic pitch, in which he passionately emphasized the importance of incorporating meat into one’s diet.

The highlight of the video was Hilda Baci, who expressed her intention to sign him up after being impressed by his eloquent presentation.

Dr. H20 revealed his passion for biology, chemistry, and all things scientific, demonstrating his enthusiasm for his unique marketing approach.

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