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“I’m sorry, I only know how to drag skin care vendor” – VeryDarkMan apologizes as he flops while giving speech on stage [Video]

Controversial commentator, VeryDarkMan shares his awkward experience after being invited to give a speech at a show in Jos where he struggled to fit in.

The body builder who has since been in the news for a number of reasons, including his latest clash with businesswoman, Blessing CEO, shares his experience in Jos.

According to VeryDarkMan, he was in the North-Central region when his presence was noticed and he was pleaded with to attend a show.

He, however, found himself in a tight spot when asked to give an impromptu opening speech and invite the performers of the event on stage.

“Sorry, this is my first time doing something like this. I only know how to drag people, skin care vendor, rubber nyash people, Blessing CEO and co,” he said in part.


Sharing the video on his Instagram page, VeryDarkMan emphasized how he was played by the host who begged him to show up without a pay.

He revealed that the host bragged about what it cost him to bring VeryDarkMan to Jos when he did not pay a dime in the first place other than providing clothing for the event.

In his words;

“Human beings are funny, I went to jos to buy clothes and the information spread that I was in Jos. Coincidentally there is this show and my comedian friend literally said I should attend because his friend was hosting the show and if I attended it will give it (vibes)especially because I have a lot of people that genuinely love me in jos.

“I accepted to do it for FREE they said they will extend my room,then RAZOR SHARP gave my free clothes and shoes,I went on the show oo. I announced the host and brought him up stage,to my greatest surprise the guy legit made everyone believe he Brought me to jos,in his words “do you know what it means to bring verydarkman to jos, jos people I try na” immediately I just left…………this life be careful who you HELP💪 I don learn,” he added.

Watch the video below …

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