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Moment Actor Charles Okocha Engaged with 5 ladies in village, promises them visa to United State [Video]

 Popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha is well known for sending many into fits of laughter with his videos, his latest post online has once again got many people talking online.

In the video shared via his verified Instagram page today, November 4th 2023, Charles Okocha goes back to his village and by extension engages with ladies in his village.

Upon arriving into his acclaimed village, the village girls who were outside playing with one another were scared and that was just the beginning.

Charles Okocha stops driving and alighted from his car, giving the 5 village girls on the need not to be scared while telling them that he was from the village.

He introduced himself to the 5 village girls as Azubuike while adding that he has been living in California in the United States of America all his life.

The village girls were left drooling the Charles Okocha’s introduction of himself as the actor was able to capture their hearts with his car and his fashion sense.

Raising the bar, Charles Okocha makes the 5 village ladies to be even more excited as he tells them that he is going to take them all to America without collecting any money from them.

Putting his terms and conditions, Charles Okocha further tells the 5 village ladies to assemble in a straight line and lock lips with each of them.


Charles Okocha in the video stated that after locking lips with them he would provide each of them with an American visa.

The ladies could not hesitate his request as they quickly form the straight line and the thespian took advantage of them by k!ssing them one by one.

While locking lips with them, Charles Okocha put his hands on the 5 village ladies’ cheeks and said; “I don’t kiss so fast I k!ss correctly.”

Subsequently, the 5 village ladies tried to enter the actor’s car but the actor gives them another futile promise as he asserts that he will be coming there all the time to lock lips with them, and then provide them the visa.

As the 5 village ladies continue to vie one another over Charles Okocha’s car seats, the actor who is clearly aware of what is going on, overrides the ladies and ran away with his car.

Captioning the video on his verified IG page, Charles Okocha wrote; “I don’t k!ss so fast I kiss correctly 👌 even my homie JAY Z knows that 🎥/ @jaytee_yna.”

Watch the video below;

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