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“Money can’t buy true love” – Anita Okoye subtly takes a swipe at ex-husband, Paul Okoye’s remarriage to Ivy

Anita Okoye subtly takes a swipe at ex-husband, Paul Okoye’s remarriage to Ivy

Less than a month after Paul Okoye’s remarriage, his ex-wife Anita shared a heartfelt video on Instagram featuring their children. The video focused on the importance of non-material things in life.

In her caption, Anita listed qualities that can’t be bought with money, such as love, happiness, and family. She emphasized that these qualities are the true sources of one’s greatest wealth in life.

Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy from the music duo P-Square, and Anita were married for several years before their separation. Their relationship was often in the public eye, especially given Paul’s fame in the music industry.


After their split, Anita moved to the United States with their children, focusing on building a new life and maintaining a positive outlook. Despite the challenges, she often shares moments of joy and love with her children on social media.


Paul’s recent remarriage was a significant event, and Anita’s video seemed to be a gentle reminder of the lasting values that transcend material wealth. Her message resonated with many of her followers, who appreciated her emphasis on the deeper aspects of life.

Anita’s post served as a poignant reflection on what truly matters, showcasing her strength and grace as she navigates this new chapter in her life while continuing to prioritize her children’s well-being and happiness.

In her words, “Money can’t buy true love, inner peace, time, authentic happiness, health, trust, wisdom, respect, fulfillment, or cherished memories. Your greatest wealth is found in the intangible treasures of life!”


Watch the video below …

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