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My A$$ Pays My Bills So Stay Out Of my way’- Actress Didi Ekanem Tackles Those Dragging Her For Shaking Her Bum On IG [Video]


Heavily endowed Nigerian actress, Didi Ekanem has read the riot act to all moral vigilantes who have been deployed to her Instagram page.

Taking to her Instagram story, Didi Ekanem made herself clear that she is not seeking validation from people or social media users by trying to make anyone happy and consequently shrinking herself.

Didi Ekanem pointed to the fact that netizens give opinions on how she should live her life but none of them has ever paid her bills and told anyone who has an advice for her to keep it.


Addressing those who drag her for shaking her bum on Instagram, the voluptuous and curvy thespian hinted that she will continue to do it because Instagram pays her bills but those criticizing her don’t and warned them to stay out of her way and allow her breath.

Some Instagram users reacting to her post dragged her again claiming she sells her body for cash.

See her post below;

See some reactions below;

Aunty continue oooo with time u will get tired of it u can’t continue to shake ur bum bum forever na ur kids will grow up to see their mum shaking bum bum online just to pay her bills🙄 Omo is that what u want???


Madam say it well, say I get my olosho work client from IG, which one is IG pays your bills 💵😒


Without the followers Instagram won’t pay your bills so your followers are equally the reason you’re getting paid on IG🤷‍♂️

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