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Nigerian dig out Mast….. video of Verydarkman which he sold for Money to Male and Female Customers Online [Video]

 An incredible video that recently surfaced on the TikTok app has created quite a stir among netizens.

The video showed the awful state of Martins Otse’s self-contained apartment, which appeared to be in disorder.

The unkempt living circumstances depicted in the film astounded viewers, with mounds of garments spread everywhere and general disorder throughout the room.

VeryDarkMan was noticeably agitated in the video as he blasted those circulating false accusations about him.

The fast-rising activist had heard rumors that he had been bribed with N10 million.

“They paid me 10 million, and my house is like this. They paid me 10 million, and I’m washing my clothes”

His words conveyed a sense of dissatisfaction and resentment towards the state of his living conditions, considering the substantial amount of money he allegedly received.

Netizens Reactions:


@sarimaa said: “Oga but why you dey stay for here with your big muscles?”

Janette asked: “So na here you dey live? You no even get better shower.”

@bestamong22 wrote: “You go explain tire.”

@firstlady_001 reacted: “Na so, no mind them.”

@bes22 added: “Even you don’t have a good ring light.”

Verydarkman done finally post hin nude. Ani baba werey ni bobo yi se 😂🤣

Prostitution Pere and Mercy Video 1 Tinubu Lionel #verydarkman #AVeryGoodGirl Mason Mount Come to Chelsea Soyinka NLC and TUC Racism Segun Johnson No 007 Kwara Tinubu Big Bella Video 1 Napoli The DNA pic.twitter.com/ss5RcLmMdB

— Bobby Nyra (@bobby_nyra) September 27, 2023

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