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Nigerian Lady vows to marry for money after witnessing Chioma and Davido’s wedding

Nigerian Lady vows to marry for money after witnessing Chioma and Davido’s wedding

#Chivido2024 remains the most talked-about wedding event, attended by Nigerian celebrities, dignitaries, and influential personalities from across Nigeria.

Davido and Chioma tied the knot on June 25th, capturing the hearts of many on social media platforms. Among the highlights of the event was the appearance of Femmy, the Personal Assistant (PA) to Nigerian singer Wizkid.

During the couple’s first official dance on stage, witnessed by thousands of family, friends, and guests, Davido was pleasantly surprised by Femmy’s arrival. The ‘Unavailable’ crooner, overwhelmed with joy upon seeing Wizkid’s PA, paused his dance to greet Femmy warmly.

In the viral video, Davido can be seen shaking hands with Femmy happily before resuming his dance with Chioma. This unexpected and heartwarming moment further added to the joyous atmosphere of the #Chivido2024 wedding celebration, making it an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

See below;



See some reactions below;

@mykgana said: “Make nobody whine you o but if they eventually start beating you nobody should talk about domestic violence o.”

@ewai_bekee said: “Make sure you and your family is not broke before ur husband go slap craze comot for ur parents head.”


@Ada__Arinze said: “Small small tears here and there but we will be fine.”

@felilahlah said: “That was always the A plan. More money for my husband and I, a dual income is the best in current times.”

@god_Xlatan said; “But chioma no broke like you sha 🙏🏾.”

@NwangumaSidney said: “You have to build yourself up and be at where the big men at, no big man coming to meet you in your house or on the road like.”

@EricaTejiri said: “Marrying for money might not be a bad idea in the end. Small tears here and there inside lambo truck.”


@Iamkayless said: “Nobody really send you like that.”

@SymplyChidera said: “Been open about this tbh. “Idc but I’m def marrying for money .”


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