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Portable didn’t actually signed me, he’s just trying to destroy my life – Singer Youngi Duu cries out [Video]


In a recent statement, Young Duu sparked reactions as he disclosed to all and sundry that he was not really signed to his ex-boss, Portable record label, Zeh Nation.

Young Duu makes this clearity days after Portable in an interview said he has invested a lot in Young Duu and he would never allow anyone to hijack Young Duu from him just like that.

The “Zazoo Zeh” crooner added that anyone who wants to sign Young Duu from him will have to pay the sum of N100billion for an agreement to occur.

The video however did not go down well with Young Duu who slams the singer over the outrageous amount while adding that he really likes money.

Shedding more light on it in a latest interview, Young Duu said Portable is trying so hard to spoil his life an ruined his career online.

He added that Portable sent him away because he didn’t benefit anything from him, a situation which he referred to as a big lie.

Young Duu stressed that Portable has benefitted from him while adding that Portable is well known for his contribution to the label in the past before he left.

He however disclosed that Portable actually helped him and he always referred to him as his helper and boss.

Young Duu further added that Portable is the problem here as he is theo ne that sent him away and keeps on squizzing and spoling his life after he left the label thereby making life difficult for him.

In his words; “Actually people known I’m not really signed to zeh nation, even portable himself always says I’m always helping them.

He (Portable) actually helps me, he is my helper, I know him as my boss. He sent me away, I’m not the one that left myself and he posted that he sent me away.


I dont; think am the one that have the issue because is the one that sent me away, He said he didn’t benefit on me but I know he surely benefit.

“The only thing I’m saying is that he wants to spoil me, like he wants to squize me online, that is only thing I.m seeing online.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

mide_richmond: Without portable nobody for know u, go and settle ur issues with him, beg people to follow u and beg him, portable has people he listens to instead of creating enemity.

kelvinjohnson2553: This is how Mohbad started, people will be laughing at this issue until Mohbad happen again.

yewandefamakin: He admitting that portable is his helper is a good thing❤️ I like this guy,his humility will take him far ….

nikkyliscious_lounge: At least he speaks better than Portable …..Alimi ,Alimi ,life is full of Sam Larry , let your things be Portable.

everythingfurniture.ng:  youngiduu oko mi 😂😂😂Bring the banger bangi 😂😂.

iam_ladysapphire: He still respects the guy regardless of the bs he’s been doing, ride on our Oyimo crooner💃🏽💃🏽

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