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Reactiona As Singer Burnaboy Seen Undergoing Vocal Therapy To Maintain His ‘African Giant’ Status [Video]


It is said that getting to the top is hard but maintaining it when you are at the top is harder and in this life so many people in their endeavors have gone down to where they were before rising to the top mostly because they did not have what it takes to keep themselves up there partly due to the fact that they got complacent at a point and though there is nothing to fight for anymore.

Well, this is not the case of award-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy as he has been spotted undergoing vocal therapy to ensure his voice is apt on the microphone always.


After winning the Grammy for the first time in his life, he finds it important to maintain the momentum and energy in order to stay on top.

Below are some reactions from Instagram users;

Don’t let anyone hold you down or pull you back. Just keep going every second. You will surely make some mistakes on your way up. But don’t let them hold you back. Life us full of LESSONS and BLESSINGS, If you want to count, count your blessings, but learn your lessons, even if they come harder than you imagine. Consume Kolspring Ijebu Garri to get more wisdom…

kolspring ijebu garri

Abeg make the vocal chord cool well o😂 na only you and big wiz Nd few others dey give us good music😭🤧🤧🤧😒


Na where em money dey come from, so em gas take care of am properly. 😊 Just like i dey protect my 10 odds


People not see the hard work behind the scenes. Anyone who wants to become and remain great MUST spend time training and practising. Take care of what feeds you. Singers, get training and consult a vocal coach. I’m an exceptional one by the way.

kunle kenny

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