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“God instructed me to birth more children” – 78-year-old man thoroughly searches for a 25-year-old virgin lady as a wife, lists conditions


A 78-year-old ‘Alpha male Christian’, identified as Dr. Billy Little, has launches search for a young virgin lady to take as wife.

Billy Little, who is popular for preaching about repentance and the end time on Facebook, announced yesterday, October 31, that he is ready to get married based on God’s instruction.

The Christian minister went ahead to list qualities he want in a spouse. According to him, his spouse has to be between 18 to 25 years old.

He added that she must be a virgin, submissive, and must be willing to be unemployed so she can take care of things while he is out ministering.

Dr. Billy wrote, “God has instructed me to take a wife to be as a help mate in my ministry, and to birth more children for me. I have over 9k followers so let’s give this a try.”

“My name is Dr. Billy Little. I’m 78 yeqrs old and I’m an alpha male christian republican seeking single white female ages 18-25. Must be Christian, Virgin, republican, submissive, and unemployed, willing to take care of my motel room while I’m out ministering. No tattoos, piercings, or Harry Potter fans allowed.”

Checkout the post below:


The post gathered many comments and shares as social media thronged to share their thoughts. Some showed their interest of becoming the man’s wife. 

Read some comment below:

Paul Crowder said, “I’m putting one of my wives up for sale soon, but I’m looking for a buyer with 10k followers or more. Let’s talk when you hit that milestone.”

Andrea Payne said, “He lives in a motel? 🏨”.

Esta Shelton said, “You don’t even possess the sense God gave a flea to be embarrassed at the pedo vibes your post is giving off 🤦‍♀️”.

Sharon Knight said, “Is this for real? Are there really women who would fall for this? He wants a slave. A Stepford Wife. This is the kind of “Christian” this demon is, and he probably claims to be Pro-Life. How many children have your killed in the name of God old man.”

Jay Graham said, “Men overestimating their current market value”.

Bee Samoil-Selk Sonney Meyer Colleen Meyer said, “Red flag he doesn’t like Harry Potter”.

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