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Singer Davido follows back his ex-signee Lil Frosh on Instagram after proving he didn’t beat his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini

CEO of DMW Records, Davido Adeleke follows his estranged ex-signee, Lil Frosh on Instagram amidst the singer’s effort to clear his name.

This came after Lil Frosh told his side of the story, two years after his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini accused him of domestic abuse which led to the termination of his contract at DMW Records.

According to the singer in a recent revelation, he was framed by his ex-girlfriend who used an allergic reaction that caused her face to swell as proof of domestic violence.

In his frantic efforts to plea for his reinstatement at his former record label, Davido has since followed him back on Instagram.

A check on his profile revealed that two years after the Grammy nominee pulled away from Lil Frosh and his domestic abuse allegations.

In his ongoing quest to establish his innocence regarding the domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini, embattled singer Lil Frosh has presented evidence to support his side of the story.

The singer, who faced career setbacks in 2021 due to the controversy with his ex-girlfriend, resurfaced recently when Cute Gemini herself was accused of bullying a Tiktoker. Lil Frosh’s efforts to clear his name are gaining attention as he provides additional context and evidence related to the allegations.


In recounting the events that unfolded between them, Lil Frosh explained that the swelling on his ex-girlfriend’s face resulted from an allergic reaction to food, refuting the allegations of domestic abuse. He shared a photo collage illustrating the progression of the allergic reactions, starting from the back of Gemini’s ears.

Despite the tumultuous past, Lil Frosh is persistently appealing to Davido for a reinstatement of his contract at DMW Records. Through visual evidence and his narration, the singer is making a concerted effort to clear his name and revive his professional association with the record label.

“See how everything started on her face,it started with a reaction that caused a boil, we even went to the pharmacy to check what happened to her.

“Sadly after medications the conditions worsened and when it became really big they turned the story that I hit her, and presented these pictures as evidence.

“I tried to explain nobody wanted to hear me out, that was the peak of my career, I begged they refused to stop, they collected money and left me empty, NO LABEL, NO LOVE, turned my fans against me, turned Nigerians against me, at a point I almost ended it all, seeing the people I started music with become way bigger than me,my life was a bad news, no motivation anywhere, please guys help me beg @davido for a second chance.”

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