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Tapswap vs Notcoin: 5 Things you need to know about Telegram games Nigerians are tapping

5 Things you need to know about Telegram games Nigerians are tapping

Nowadays, it’s difficult to browse through social media platforms without encountering posts or videos discussing Tapswap.

This viral crypto-mining game on Telegram has garnered significant attention within the Nigerian internet community, largely due to the remarkable success of Notcoin.

Despite the widespread “tapping fever” in Nigeria, some internet users remain confused about the entire phenomenon. In this article, we dissect essential information about the Telegram-based initiatives, Notcoin and Tapswap.


Let’s break down the key points about Notcoin and Tapswap:

1. Understanding Notcoin and Tapswap

Notcoin (NOT) started as a play-to-earn game on Telegram. Players could mine its digital currency by interacting with a coin in the chat. Tapswap, on the other hand, is a new project in decentralized finance, also on Telegram. Tapswap, through its official handle, offers a Solana-based crypto exchange with features like low fees, high throughput, staking, and margin trading.

2. Tapswap Launch and Notcoin’s Success


Tapswap’s popularity soared after Notcoin’s successful debut. Notcoin was valued at $0.00568 per unit with a market capitalization of $574 million. Tapswap is set to launch its launch pool on May 30, 2024, where players can exchange in-game rewards for real assets via the “$TAPS Token” program.

3. Mining Notcoin and Tapswap on Telegram

Notcoin’s mining phase on Telegram ended on March 31, 2024, while Tapswap mining is still ongoing.

4. Easy Participation

Both Notcoin and Tapswap were designed for easy participation, even for those without deep crypto knowledge. Players earned tokens by doing simple tasks on Telegram.

5. Tapswap’s Potential


Crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma believes Tapswap has great potential, especially with Solana’s blockchain. He predicts Tapswap could surpass Notcoin because of Solana’s value and popularity.


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