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The Moment Wizkid Blasts Photographers Preventing Him To Have Access To His Fans [Video]

 Starboy Wizkid has once again shown love to his fans after censuring some photographers who were preventing him to have access to his fans at an event.

Wizkid has always shown love to his fans saying he lives for their love and concern and this time around has put them first at an even after some photographers doing their job blocked his way with his fans.

Wizkid was heard in the video telling the photographers that he didn’t come all the way there to look at them hence they should give him the way to have access to his fans, the main reason why he came to perform at the event.

The fans were also excited to see that Wizkid was on their side and fought for them, therefore, supported him by cheering him on while he asks the photographers to give him the way to access his fans at the event.


The tone at which Wizkid said he didn’t come there to watch the photographers were quite high and loud and some people might attribute that to his pride saying he’s arrogant and proud of himself but he was just trying to show love.

Most artists don’t care whether they have access to their fans while performing on stage so far as they cheer them on while they perform but Wizkid with this video has proven that he’s different and he wants his fans to be closer to him when performing.

video below;

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