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They should do DNA test on Mohbad’s son, everybody is a suspect – Influencer VeryDarkMan

Controversial TikTok influencer, Verydarkman, has made significant attentions as he expressed his doubts about the paternity of late singer, Mohbad’s son, Liam.

Sharing a video on his timeline, Verydarkman called for a DNA test to confirm the biological relationship between the deceased and Liam.

He pointed to the wife’s public statements about being widowed and raised concerns about the possibility of close family involvement. Also, rumours about Mohbad allegedly entrusting his wife with certain matters added to the doubts. 

Verydarkman emphasized that a DNA test should be done to know Liam’s true paternity. He suggested a 90% chance of the child being Mohbad’s but insisted on the need for certainty. He also commended the idea of pursuing legal avenues, such as an autopsy and DNA test.

In his words, “I like the fact that they are bringing out Mohbad’s body for autopsy while they are doing that abeg make them do DNA test for that pikin.”

“Make we Dey sure say true, na Mohbad get that pikin because this one the wife Dey write everywhere, ‘they made me a widow’. If you Dey watch crime movie, you go know say everybody fit Dey involved.”

Another reason why I’m saying this thing is because they said Mohbad put a lot of things in the wife’s hands, I’m not saying it’s true I’m only thinking it, they should do a serious DNA test. There is a 90% chance that the baby is his child and a 10% chance that the baby is not the child.”

“Also I’m really happy that we are thinking in the right direction, we are going legal. We will go street that is when the Nigerian Police has not done what they are supposed to, we can do a massive protest. Like I said Sam Larry and all the names that are being mentioned are not guilty until proven guilty.”

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