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Moment Pastor and memebers call down Holy Ghost fire on man who stormed their church service with a fetish item [Video]

video captures the dramatic moment when a pastor and his congregation called down the ‘Holy Ghost fire’ on a man who entered their church with a fetish item.

The incident took place during the annual convention of an undisclosed church, leaving spectators in awe and amazement.

The church, located in an undisclosed area, was in the midst of its annual convention, a spiritually significant event that draws a large crowd of worshippers.

The congregation had gathered to partake in prayers, worship, and teachings, when an unexpected disruption occurred.

Around the midway point of the service, a man dressed in a cream-colored shorts and a top abruptly stormed into the church, holding a fetish item, which remains undisclosed at this time.

His sudden and uninvited intrusion immediately drew the attention of churchgoers and escalated into a highly charged atmosphere.

Witnesses reported that the man began parading his fetish item within the church, causing widespread consternation among the worshipers.


The sudden intrusion disrupted the proceedings of the convention, and the congregation was left in a state of shock and confusion.

In a swift and spontaneous response, the pastor and members of the congregation rallied together, invoking the phrase ‘Holy Ghost fire’ while extending their outstretched hands towards the intruder.

The man, under the intense spiritual pressure exerted by the congregation’s fervent prayers and declarations, appeared to stagger and struggle momentarily within the sanctified environment.

Eventually, he ‘fell under the anointing.

See below;

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