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Nigerian Man in Tears as he discover fufu inside brand new iPhone 15 he bought from Computer Village Lagos [Video]


A Nigerian man has cried out in pain after purchasing a pricey iPhone 15 at computer village only for him to find fufu inside later.

It is the season and reign of the lastest iPhone, iPhone 15 and a rich Nigerian big boy had tried to join the ‘geng’ only for him to be swindled of his money.

The man reportedly went to computer village at Lagos to purchase for himself a new iPhone 15, well packaged only for him to discover to his shock and amazement something else.

He reportedly found fufu neatly package to fit the box and give the weighty impression that a phone is inside.

The man could be seen showing the content to people as he lamented over his misfortune.

Reactions have been gathered …

xpensive_fatima said: “i know say computer village no be better place, but make una Dey rate us for this app nah”

ekesonmoney_ remarked: “Haters go say na staged..( yes I’m the hater)”


dianejohn4luv commented: “I go set the whole computer village on faya cos wit is this na”

manlikezillyy typed: “Who una wan use play for this app”

officialkilow reacted: “Na soup remain”

tobithestarrr commented: “They need to deploy spy’s Agents there to catch these set of people.. they did it to me about 9 years ago”

bcoin_auto wrote: “When life trows Lemons at you, you make lemonade out of it, bro just buy 200 naira egusi soup and 1 small meat chop, you no go die aje”

Watch video below …

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