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“No fine girl for exam hall” – Moment Slayqueen is spotted stylishly copying answer during Exam suraface Online [Video]


A viral video online shows the moment a Slayqueen is seen stretching her neck behind its limit to copy answer from her course mate during test.

The students were having a French test and apparently the lady hadn’t studied for it.

She resorted to stealing answers from her course mate who sat besides her.

The viral video shows her hiding to copy answer from the course mate who was busy filling his booklet with answers.

Netizens have reacted …

@Debbie noted: “Omo French nor easy ooooo I know Wetin my eyes see for French department”


@LOTNNA🚹 opined: “The way the guy hold pen I know say him no sabi book”

@oke$iejr reacted: “I really like the way you copy, you don’t ask him weytin he writes 😂😂😂😂. not like mu colleagues, they’ll will be asking you weytin b dat word 😂😂”

@user4480614984288 stated: “you fit talk say mae remove him hand nhi”

@samyyyyy5 revealed: “i always pas french in my school ,very simple Subjects😁,but u see hausa eee , I failam well well in my school days😂 omo..”

@Deimos said: “them no dey do fine girl for exam hall 😅😂🤣”

Watch video below …

@portable_lisaforyou Thank God i sat close to someone that knows french..🙏🙏 #viralvideo #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Crazy Tecnobob 🐐
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