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“Wow, See as class quiet” – Video of a Military man teaching teenagers mathematics sparks reactions online [Video]

An online video has emerged, depicting a skilled military instructor imparting mathematics knowledge to a group of teenagers.

In the video, the soldier demonstrates his teaching prowess by explaining fractions on a whiteboard, guiding the students through various steps with his marker.

The instructor maintains his military uniform, complete with a matching officer beret, while the entire class remains noticeably engaged, with no other sounds besides the military man’s instructive voice

From the date written on the whiteboard, the major had taught the class on the 5th of October, 2023.

Check out reactions trailing the video …


@Charles Adolor950 penned: “make u nor understand 1st make I see 😂😂😂”

@Emmy Scott595 wondered: “how will algebra help us now 2 deal wt bandits? pls teach dem how 2 make drones. naija wake up pls..”

@EPHRAIM reacted: “oboy nah Maj Gen dey teach oh
dey no born u well make u distract the class,or u no understand 😁😁😁😁”

@Charlie Oscar remarked: “This class no even try sleep or make noise”

@LORD PHINEHAS wrote: “if them born you well make noise for this class💀💀”

@Melek 4 said: “😂


major General on duty

♬ original sound – De small

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