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Yahoo boys are the only people still helping this Nigeria economy unlike politicians – VeryDarkBlackMan (Video)


In a recent statement, activist VeryDarkBlackMan erupted reactions among internet users as he disclosed that Yahoo boys are the only people keeping the entire Nigeria afloat.

VeryDarkBlackMan made this known during a recent interview he conducted during his Instagram live session.

According to VeryDarkBlackMan, he is not in support of fraud, however, Yahoo boys have done more good to the country than the politicians.

Speaking on the advantage of Yahoo boys to Nigeria as a country over the politicians, VeryDarkBlackMan says that most of all the Plazas in Lekki were built by the Yahoo boys. He added that these boys opened many people’s eyes to online transactions, online businesses, Crypto and others.

He added that the situation is contrary to politicians who steal Nigeria’s money and take it to foreign countries to invest thereby boosting the growth of other countries and leaving Nigeria with no hope.

Citing an example, VeryDarkBlackMan recalls how former EFCC chairman Abdulrasheed Bawa spent N1.9billion after 10 days in Dubai. He added that there is no difference between yahoo boys and politicians.

Speaking about the disadvantages of Yahoo boys and politicians, VeryDarkBlackMan utters that some Yahoo boys are not prudent with their spending and by extension resulted in the hike in the price of goods and services in the country.

He concluded that most politicians do not care about the citizens of the country as he averred that if not for the Yahoo boys the situation of things in the country would have been on a dead end. 

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

mayorsoj: Remove yahoo boys from our economy, the first industry to crash is hotels. Next, car dealers and finally, Women 😂😂🤦‍♂️.

olamilekanuiux: I swear, it’s true that without Yahoo scams, many businesses in Nigeria might struggle. However, it’s important to note that Yahoo scams are illegal. Instead of engaging in such activities, consider learning legitimate online skills. I can guarantee that you can earn twice as much money through legal means.

kingslayer_doings: No be lie,na yahoo buy me gle this year 😂.

emekatoyourribs: Abeg who go teach me how to bomb? I get all the necessary tools and I de smart. Meanwhile I make mind blowing contents, kindly check them out.

her_nichee: This is just the simplest truth. We don’t have any source of constant income as a country anymore. If not for loans that are embezzled and money acquired through interest f***d many business would not have buyers. Nigeria would have crumblleddddddddddddd.

olabode_bodex001: Na yahoo make cultism and arm robbery reduce if you see your mate they drive Benz and you still they wear beret wetin you gain who goes you 😂 😂.

dinzzylb: God bless all yahoo boys na because of una we ladies fit dey chop well well👏🏼🙌🏼😍❤️.

jhoystin: He’s saying the truth. They’re even the reason many boutiques and online stores are surviving today. They’re the reason why wig sellers are doing well cos their babes sabi wear wigs, they’re the reason many vendors are selling women clothes and bags cos their babes must buy! What about gadget sales? Omo! Na dem dey make iPhone sell fast. I can go on and on but yea he’s saying the truth! Is it good? No! And diligent ones like us who believe in hardwork are already growing white hairs.

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