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What Is Wrong With My King – Anita Joseph Cries Out As Her Husband Behaves Like A Clown [Video]


Actress Anita Joseph has cried out asking what is wrong with her husband MC Fish as he behaves like a clown in a video she shared on her Instagram page.

MC Fish decided to jump on the latest challenge on Tik Tok behaving like a woman with his face painted white and his wife reacting to the video cried out asking what is wrong with her husband because he isn’t like that.

Usually, when Anita Joseph shares a video with MC Fish, most people think she forced him to do it and calls him a woman wrapper but this video of MC Fish shows that he’s, even more, funnier than his wife and he might have willingly done all those videos.


Anita Joseph is a very playful person hence it’s good she got herself a husband who is as playful as she is as no one expected to see MC Fish on this new trend since we all regard him as the quiet type that is always bothered by his wife.

We hope those who usually think Anita Joseph has been bothering her husband will just allow them to enjoy their marriage anyhow they want after watching this video as it’s clear MC Fish is not as cool and quiet as we all thought.

Noooo I’m not ok what is wrong with you my king😂🤣🤣🤣#Repost @realmcfish with @make_repost
Happy Sunday oh 😁😁😂😂.
Decided to jump in this shii 😂😂😂 @anitajoseph8 how u see am na 😂😂✌️✌️.
#akachallenge wa ti ma gbo 

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